Critical Lake Carmi Water Improvement Project Underway

A major water quality improvement project near Lake Carmi in Franklin has been talked about for years but now is nearing completion.

Recently, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (AAFM) announced a series of plans on protecting and restoring the Lake Carmi watershed.  The Agencies are pleased to announce that one of the projects identified in the roadmap is nearing completion thanks to funding from the Vermont Clean Water Fund. 

Agriculture Secretary Anson Tebbetts says this clean-up project is important, “We are getting work done on the ground. This project signifies how our team wakes up every morning trying to make our environment better. We will not let up on our efforts to improve Lake Carmi and all our waterways in Vermont.”  

Water quality specialist John Roberts added “I’d also like to thank the farmer who helped us to implement this fix as well as the staff at UVM Extension who oversaw the design and construction phases of the project. This is a team effort in the Lake Carmi community.”

The goal of this project is aimed a decreasing the phosphorus loading to acceptable levels through removal of legacy phosphorus that is bound to sediment collected at the bottom of a man-made pond on the property.

Surface water monitoring of tributaries to Lake Carmi identified this pond as releasing elevated concentrations of phosphorus.  The elevated testing results spurred the Agency to engage further with the local farmer who was interested in implementing a fix.  This project – and all conservation practices implemented by AAFM and ANR – will be tracked and surface water monitoring at this site will continue to assess the impacts the implemented projects are having on tributary phosphorus contributions.  The results of these surface water sampling efforts are all publicly available on the DEC monitoring website:

This project is a collaboration of work between AAFM and UVM Extension.  The team has worked together to make sure the project focused on phosphorus removal in a manner that was cost effective and improved water quality.  All soils and materials were, and have been, sampled for nutrient content so appropriate risk assessment tools could be run to ensure that the land application of the organics extracted from the bottom of the pond would not negatively impact Lake Carmi.

“The critical piece of this project was to remove the settled materials from direct contact with water and incorporate it into agricultural soils that will be able to use this material to grow vigorous crops that will mine the phosphorus out of the soil and, once harvested, be removed out of the watershed,” said Laura DiPietro of the Agency of Ag.  DiPietro continued, “The Agency of Ag will continue to work with the agricultural land owners and partners to identify opportunities for projects that improve water quality. Our team is focused on getting to a better place for all those who live and work around Lake Carmi.”

This is just a one of series of Lake Carmi projects identified by the Agency of Agriculture and Agency of Natural Resources.

For more information on AAFM’s Water Quality Program visit: