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License and Registrations

Retail Licenses - The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (VAAFM) is responsible for licensing a variety of items found in retail stores you might not connect with agriculture. There are many retailers not aware of the requirement to license in order to sell these items, or use certain devices. Please review the online library of applications for licenses, certificates and registrations required by the state of Vermont and overseen by VAAFM at

Of particular interest to retail business owners is the Retail License Application. This license is required if you sell any of the commodities listed below OR use any of the listed weights and measures devices.

All retail licenses are valid from May 1st - April 30th and must be renewed on an annual basis.

Commodities requiring licensure include:

  • Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts – If you manufacture and sell these products: creemees, custards, gelato, sorbet, dairy products mix, etc., a license is required.  *NOTE* This does not include scooping hard ice cream purchased from another company.
  • Milk
  • Retail Meat: Pre-packed Meat – If you sell any pre-packaged meat, such as Slim Jims, Beef Jerky, hot dogs, canned soups with meat, frozen foods with meat (pizza, dinners etc.), pet food products that do not state on the label “for non-human consumption” etc., you need a pre-packaged meat license. If you sell meats processed on site, you will need a Retail meat processing license (see application for specific requirements for small and large vendors).

Weights and measures devices requiring licensure include:

  • Small Scales – If you use small scales to sell directly to the public, you are required to license them.
  • Retail Scanning Points – If you are a single retail unit and have 2 or fewer scanning points (separate scanners) you are exempt from licensing. We still request you put the number under “Retail Price Scanning Point” on the application form and write ‘EXEMPT’ on the Amount Paid line.  If you have more than 2 scanning points you must submit the fee for each one. If you have more than one location, scanning points for multiple physical locations are to be aggregated to determine if licensure is required.
  • Motor fuel dispensers (gas pumps & kerosene meters).
  • Weighing and measuring devices if you have medium scales or a propane fill station

Other retail licenses which may be required include:

  • Nursery if you sell live plants or plant propagative material other than seeds
  • Class A or B dealer if you sell Class A or B pesticides
  • Class “C” Pesticides – Products such as insect sprays, flea collars and repellants require a license in order to sell them (if you have a Class A or B Pesticides license, you are already registered to sell Class C products).
  • Pet shop if you sell live animals.
  • Livestock Dealer if you sell, purchase, or transport live animals

If you have commodities or devices required to be licensed but are not, please contact the Agency Licensing Section at: (802) 828-2436 to remedy this situation, or download an application by visiting: