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Weights & Measures

Weights & Measures 2022 Farmers Market Scale Update

The Weights and Measures Section of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets will not be holding Farmers Market Scale Clinics this year. Weights and Measures staff will be responding to any consumer concerns regarding scales or accurate weights and addressing these concerns directly at the Farmers Market location referenced. Inspectors may conduct random inspections of markets during normal days and hours of state operation.      

Farmers Market Vendors who have had their scales tested in a prior year are not required to submit their scales to the Agency for inspection.  Vendors who may be using new scales for the first time are asked to contact the Agency to make an appointment to have their scales tested for compliance to accuracy and specification requirements.  Farmers Market Vendors are asked to license their scales as they would usually do.

To make an appointment to have a scale tested please contact: 
Marc Paquette
Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food & Markets                
Weights & Measures Section Chief & Metrologist  
116 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05620-2901

Vermont’s Weights and Measures Program coordinates inspection and testing of devices and products in commerce, such as scales, gas pumps, heating oil and propane delivery truck meters, scanners used in retail stores, and firewood.  The work of the Consumer Protection Section touches every consumer in Vermont and many beyond Vermont's borders.

Questions regarding the Consumer Protection Section's Weights and Measures Program should be directed to the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets State Metrologist at 802.828.2433.