Apiary Program

Apiary Inspection Program 

Brooke Decker serves as the state Apiculturist and Pollinator Health Specialist.

She can be reached at Brooke.Decker@vermont.gov or 802-272-6688.

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets' Apiary Inspection Program works to ensure that Vermont beekeepers comply with the Vermont Apiary Law.   


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Apiary Registration

As required by Vermont Statute, Title 6, Chapter 172, 

§ 3022 & 3023. A person who is the owner of any bees, apiary, colony, or hive in the State shall register with the Secretary in writing on a form provided by the Secretary...and shall pay a $10.00 annual registration fee for each apiary location.

Registration for new Apiaries is due by July 1st. Renewal period is open from June 1st through June 30th each year. 

Apiary Registration Form


Apiary Health Certificate

As required by Vermont Statute § 3028. Traffic in bees; inspection; certification.

A person engaged in the rearing of bees for sale shall have his or her apiary inspected by the Secretary

If you intend to sell bees, please request an inspection at minimum, 2 weeks prior to intended sale of bees. 


Apiary Inspection-

If you suspect a presence of a honey bee disease, a potential pesticide kill, want to schedule a routine inspection, have questions regarding mite mitigation, or anything in between,please fill out this

Inspection Request Form


Importing Honey Bees and used beekeeping equipment into Vermont

Beekeepers bringing honey bees and/ or used beekeeping equipment into Vermont from out-of-state are required to first fill out the  Hive Import Form, a minimum of 14 days prior to intended import into Vermont. Beekeepers will be provided with an Import Permit, after the application has been reviewed and a valid Health certificate from the state of origin is provided. 

Apiary Program

The duties of the apiary inspector emphasize technical assistance and education as well as the regulatory component. Specific activities performed by this inspector include:

  • Provide technical assistance to beekeepers to maintain healthy, productive hives.
  • Inspect bee hives for the presence of diseases and pests.
  • Coordinate sellers and buyers of honey, bees wax, bees and other hive products.
  • Work with apiculture officials in other states and at the Federal level on honey bee related issues.
  • Issue Health Certificates to beekeepers moving bees out of state, as needed.
  • Present talks to beekeepers, schools, and civic groups about honey bees and pollinator related subjects.



Contact Information

Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

116 State Street
Montpelier, Vt 05620-2901


Program Contacts

  • Media Inquiries                      802.622.4662
  • Licensing & Registration        802.828.2436
  • Business Development          802.828.1619
  • Feed, Seed, Fertilizer & Lime  802.828.5050
  • Working Lands                    802.622.4477
  • Public Health & Resource Management                802.828.2431
  • Laboratory                                  802.585.6073
  • Animal Health                        802.828.2421
  • Dairy                              802.828.2433
  • Consumer Protection / Weights & Measures                           802.828.2433
  • Produce Program                  802.522.7811
  • Meat Inspection                    802.828.2426
  • Water Quality                               802.828.2431
    • Grants                                  802.622.4098
    • Enforcement                                802.828.2431
    • Reports                                      802.272.0323
    • BMP's                                      802.828.3474
  • Act 250                          802.828.2431 
  • Pesticide                        802.828.2431