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Apiary Program

        Queen       Apiary PROGRAM                                 

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets' (VAAFM) Apiary Program works to accomplish the dual purposes of ensuring that Vermont beekeepers comply with the Chapter 172 Inspection of Apiaries and supporting the Vermont beekeeping industry through education, outreach, and promotion, with a focus on pollinator health. 

Honey bees play an important role in our food system by providing essential pollination services for both food and forage crops. In addition, the honey produced by honey bees is a popular food and natural sweetener. Honey and other hive products like beeswax and propolis are used in value-added products, as well as health and beauty products. In Vermont there are approximately 700 registered beekeepers, 1,200 apiaries, and 16,500 colonies. Most beekeepers in the state are backyard or hobbyist beekeepers, however, most of the bee colonies are managed as part of commercial operations.