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Any person owning a bee, apiary, colony, or hive in Vermont is required to register with VAAFM and pay an annual registration fee of $10.00 for each apiary location. (see 6 V.S.A. §§ 3022)

§ 3023. Registration; report

(a) Registration. A person who is the owner of any bees, apiary, colony, or hive in the State shall register with the Secretary in writing on a form provided by the Secretary.

(b) Report. Annually the owner of any bees, apiary, colony, or hive registered under subsection (a) of this section shall submit a report to the Secretary that includes all of the following information:

    (1) The location of all apiaries and number of colonies that the person owns. The location of an apiary shall become its registered location, provided that the apiary is located in accordance with the requirements of section 3034 of this title.

    (2) Whether the location of any apiary will change within two weeks of the date that the report is submitted unless the change of location is to provide pollination services and the colonies will be returned to a registered apiary. Hives from a registered apiary may be moved to another registered apiary without reregistering.

    (3) Whether a disease was discovered within any hive or colony in a registered apiary.

    (4) Whether the owner transported into the State any colonies or used equipment, except as authorized under subsection 3032(c) of this title.

    (5) Whether the owner is engaged in the rearing of queen bees or any other bees for sale.

    (6) A current varroa mite and pest mitigation plan for each registered apiary.

(c) Notification of Secretary. The owner of any bees, apiary, colony, or hive registered under subsection (a) of this section shall notify the Secretary as soon as practicable of the detection within an apiary or hive of American foulbrood disease or other disease designated by the Secretary.


Registration for new apiary accounts is due upon ownership of bees. VAAFM will mail previously registered owners a renewal form before to June 1st, which must be completed and submitted to VAAFM by June 30 each year. A late fee may be assessed if renewals are submitted after June 30th (see 6 V.S.A. § 13). USA Plant ID and PIN is included on the paper renewal form, mailed to previously registered beekeepers mid-May of each year.