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Pesticide Programs

Professional and homeowner use of pesticides are regulated by this Division under the Vermont Rule for the Control of Pesticides. These regulations cover sales restrictions, proper use, storage, and disposal of pesticides. Product registration, applicator certificates, dealer licenses, and permits may be required for use of certain pesticides, all of which are issued from this Division. Homeowners and professionals are responsible for following the directions on product labels and for properly disposing of all unused pesticides.

Homeowners may dispose of pesticides at no cost through their solid waste district or town hazardous waste collections. See here for a list of sites.

Complaints/Report a Problem

To register complaints about the use or sale of pesticides, contact the Division at 802-828-2431 or submit electronically here. Please call as soon as possible and provide as many details as you can, so we may investigate.

Other pesticide-related information: