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Pesticide Dealer Resources

Pesticide dealer licenses are issued to individuals that sell Class A or Class B pesticides from a retail outlet located in Vermont. For outlets that sell only Class C pesticides, only a retail license is needed.

For outlets that sell either Vermont Class A or Class B pesticides, there must be one on-site full time employee (32+ hours a week) that is a licensed dealer. The dealer is expected to know which pesticides the outlet can sell, what records may be required to be kept, and how to clean-up and report any spills. Dealers must take and pass the dealer exam, then pay a fee of $50.00 for the license. There is no requirement for continuing education units (CEUs). Renewals are sent out annually in November. 

 Dealer study manuals may be downloaded here

• Class A dealer license - allows a person to sell Class A, B, and C pesticides.
• Class B dealer license - allows a person to sell Class B and C pesticides.
• Class C retail license - allows a person to sell only Class C pesticides.

Database searches on pesticide classification

Dealer Exam Schedule and locations 

Annual Sales & Storage Form for Class A Dealers 

Restricted Use Sales Form