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Applicator Types & Resources

Pesticide Applicator Certification

Types of Applicator Certification in Vermont

  • Private Applicators - Farmers of all kinds: dairy, vegetables, berries, apples, grapes, nursery stock, Christmas trees, and more. To be certified to use Class A pesticides in Vermont, private applicators need to study the CORE manual and the Worker Protection Standard How to Comply Manual and must pass the CORE exam. A private certificate is valid for 5 years and costs $25. 
  • Commercial Applicators - Employees of companies that perform (but not limited to) the following services:  pest control, mosquito control, landscape, lawn care, tree care, agricultural custom application, forest pest control including invasive plant control, vegetation control (right-of-way), aquatic weed control, wood preservation, aerial application. To use any pesticides on the property of others you must be a commercial applicator and be affiliated with a licensed pesticide applicator company. 
  • Non-commercial Applicators - Golf course superintendents, groundskeepers, those that perform in-house cooling tower maintenance, and others that may use certain classes of pesticides only on their employer's property as part of their work. It may also include those that sell pesticides from a location outside of Vermont as a travelling salesperson. 
  • Government Applicators - Employees of federal, state, or municipal departments or agencies that use (including the recommendation of) pesticides as part of their job. 

Forms for applicator and company licenses

To be certified as a commercial, non-commercial or government applicator, you must take the CORE exam and at least one other category exam. Pesticide applicator exam schedule information. 

Categories are $30.00 per year, renewed annually, with a maximum of $120 per applicator. Federal government applicators are exempt from fees. Questions about reciprocity?

Purchasing Applicator Certification Manuals

Although you are taking exams and getting certified in Vermont, the manuals from Cornell University in New York are the study materials for almost all Vermont certification categories.  Please take care to order the correct manual as the state of New York sometimes uses different category names and numbers than Vermont. It is a good idea to email the Certification & Training Program if you have any questions.  You are ultimately responsible for purchasing the correct manual and knowing which exam or exams you need to take to get certified in Vermont.

Email with questions.

Ordering Applicator Study Manuals
Vermont Category and EXAM  Manual to Order Required Inserts for Study


This is required for all Vermont certified applicators. 


Core Certification and Training Manual for Pesticide Applicators and Technicians 

(November 2012)

 Order the CORE Manual

MUST READ: Notice to applicators (2023 update)

Insert the following in Chapter 16: (for all exams taken on or after April 1, 2023.)

Note: After April 1, 2023 Private applicators will also need to study the WPS How-to-Comply Manual:

Worker Protection Standard - How-to-Comply (HTC) manual (pdf)

Additional Categories for Commercial, Non-Commercial and Government Applicators--at least one below is required
1A Agricultural Plant

NY 1A – Agricultural Plant (September 2006)

Order the Cat 1A manual

For exams on or after June 1, 2023, also study:

Worker Protection Standard - How-to-Comply (HTC) manual (pdf)

1B Agricultural Animal

NY 1B – Agricultural Animal (March 1999)

Order the Cat 1B Manual

No additional inserts

1C Apiculture

Forest Pest Control

NY 2 – Forest (September 2006)

Order the Cat 2 Manual

No additional inserts
3A Ornamental & Shade Tree Pest Control

NY 3 – Ornamental and Turf (December 2004)

(note, both the Vermont 3A and 3B study materials are in this one manual –

print inserts at right for more info)

Order the NY Cat 3 Manual

VT Category 3 Notice

3B Turf Pest Control          see 3A above, and inserts

VT Category 3 Notice

Snow Mold Insert 

Seed Treatment

Seed Treatment--A National Pesticide Applicator Study Manual (PERC)

Order the Cat 4 Manual

no additional inserts
Aquatic Pest Control

NY 5 – Aquatic Pest Control (September 2004)

Order the Cat 5 Manual

Aquatic Nuisance Control Permits
Right of Way Pest Control

NY 6 – Right of Way Vegetation Management

Order the Cat 6 Manual

No additional inserts

7A General (Structural) Pest Control

NY 7A – Structural & Rodent (April 2006)

Order the NY Cat 7A Manual

No additional inserts
7B Vector Pest (Non Public Health)


NY 8 – Public Health (2002 Ed)

Order the NY Cat 8 Manual

Insert these into the NY Cat 8 manual 

7C Food Processing Pest Control

NY Category 7F – Food Processing Manual (March 2005) 

Order the NY Cat  7F Manual

No additional inserts
7D Wood and Fiber Product

NY 7D – Lumber & Wood Products (1987)

Order the Cat 7D Manual

No additional inserts
7E Cooling Towers and Biocides

NY 7G Manual Cooling Tower (1998)

Order the NY Cat 7G Manual

No additional inserts

7F Disinfection & Antimicrobial Pest Control *

        VT 7F - Disinfection & Antimicrobial Pest Control Manual 2020 (.PDF - free download) No additional inserts
8 Public Health Pest Control

9 Regulatory Pest Control

10 Demonstration and Research Pest Control

NY 10 – Demonstration & Research (June 1978)

Order the Cat 10 Manual

No additional inserts
11 Aerial Pest Control

National Aerial Pesticide Manual (2014) pdf

No additional inserts
12 Soil Fumigation
13 Non-soil Fumigation
14 Terrestrial Invasives

*Special Notice to Service Providers:  Should you perform disinfecting or sanitizing services to the property of others, using an EPA registered pesticide, you are required to become Certified in Category 7F.