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Resources for Grant Applicants & Recipients

If you are considering applying for or have received a grant from Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (VAAFM), please review the following resources and guidelines to prepare your application or receive funding.

Grant Applicants

Before applying for a grant, please read Attachment C: Standard State Provisions for Contracts and Grants, which contains grantee requirements for insurance coverage and other state regulations.

Some grant programs accept applications and administer awards though the web-based grants management system, WebGrants. In this case, you will first need to register in WebGrants in order to complete an application.

Awarded Grantees

As a new VAAFM grant recipient, you must submit a Federal W-9 form in order to be entered into the state vendor system. (Prior grantees may not need to re-submit a W-9, unless the business name, address, or other tax-related information has changed.)

Following award notification, you must obtain a certificate of insurance (COI) with liability coverage in the amounts as specified in Attachment C. Consult with your insurance agent to obtain a current certificate listing VAAFM as an additional insured party, as follows: Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets / 116 State Street / Montpelier, VT 05620

State-funded Grants

If your grant uses State of Vermont funds, you must complete the Act 154 Water Compliance Form to certify your compliance with state and federal water quality regulations.

Federally-funded Grants

If your grant uses federal funds, you must hold a current registration in and have a current Unique Entity Identifier (UEI).  UEI’s are free, and should be obtained directly from

Grantee Financial Forms

Vendor ACH Authorization Form - If you wish to receive grant payments automatically deposited into your bank account, complete this form and return it to

Blank invoice template - If you are required to submit an invoice and do not have your own invoice form, you may use this blank invoice template.

Please refer to your grant agreement for details about submitting claims for payment. (An invoice is not required for grants under the Agricultural Development Division.)

Using WebGrants