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WebGrants Claims Guide

The Agricultural Development Division uses the WebGrants grants management system to administer awards. Follow these instructions to submit a claim in WebGrants.  

  1. Log in to WebGrants at

WebGrants Log In

  1. From the Main Menu, click Grants

WebGrants Main Menu options

  1. Under Current Grants, select your grant.

WebGrants Current Grants List

  1. Under Grant Components, select Claims.

WebGrants Grant Components Screen

  1. Click Add Claim to start a new claim.

  1. Complete the General Information form.

WebGrants General Information Form

  1. Click Save Form.

WebGrants Save Button

  1. Under Claim Details, click Reimbursement. (This component may also be called Grant Payment Request or Claim for Reimbursement.)

  1. Click Edit Reimbursement to enter the funding amount you are requesting and matching funds spent to date, if applicable. 

WebGrants Edit Button

  1. Click Save Reimbursement, then Mark as Complete.

WebGrants Save Button  WebGrants Mark as Complete Link

  1. If required under your grant program, click Claim Supporting Documentation. (This component may also be titled Expense Documentation.)

  1. Use the Add New Attachment button to upload any supporting documentation required for your grant (paid invoices, receipts, purchase orders, Excel spreadsheet detailing work and hours, etc.) to support your request for reimbursement.

  1. Click Select File to choose the file you would like to upload. PDFs are the preferred file type for all attachments. Enter a description of the file, then click Save File.

WebGrants Upload File Box

   Note: It is not necessary to upload an invoice. However, you may still upload an invoice here if you prefer.

  1. After uploading and saving all needed files, click Mark as Complete.


  1. When all claim components are marked as complete and you do not have any additional changes to make, click Submit Claim.

WebGrants Preview and Submit Links

All components must be marked as complete before you can successfully submit your claim. After submitting your claim, you will see a Claim Submitted Confirmation page. You may also print a copy of the submitted claim for your records.

After your grant manager approves the claim, your payment will be processed by our business office within approximately seven to ten business days.

WebGrants Tips & Tricks

  • Do not register in WebGrants more than once. You can use the same account for multiple applications and awards. 
  • Always use the navigation buttons within WebGrants (e.g., Back, Add, Delete, Edit, Save) instead of your web browser's back button.
  • All fields in red text with a red asterisk (*) are required.