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Animal Health


Spring migration will be starting soon and Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) is expected to continue throughout the United States. Vermont Animal Health Officials recommend against competitions, exhibitions, shows, swaps or other in-person gatherings or commingling events of domestic fowl or poultry. Should these events choose to occur, please exercise caution and good biosecurity, and visit our Fairs, Shows, and Exhibition site for more information. General information on Avian Influenza can be found here.


The Animal Health Section of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets protects the health and welfare of Vermonters and their livestock and poultry by advancing a safe and secure food supply within a marketplace that provides fair and equal access to consumers and processors while enhancing Vermont’s working landscape, rural character and local economies. 

What We Do:

Through its prudent enforcement programs, the Section maintains the ability of Vermont's livestock, poultry, and livestock products to be sold locally, nationally and internationally.  Through its technical assistance and inspection programs, the Animal Health Section provides outreach to producers, processors and consumers on appropriate animal agricultural practices that assure the health and humane treatment of livestock and compliance with best practices, laws and regulations.

In order to accomplish its objectives, the Animal Health Section works closely with the United States Department of Agriculture's Veterinary Services Division, private accredited veterinarians, livestock and poultry producers, and licensees/registrants. 

The Animal Health Section oversees the inspection and licensing of pet shops, and livestock dealers, transporters, and packers.  It also registers certified euthanasia technicians and associated facilities.

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