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Animal Health Violations and Concerns

To report a concern or suspected violation of an animal health program, please submit the webform below, or use it as a guide to call us at 802-828-2421. Whichever way you choose to report, it is important that you supply us with all the known facts. Doing so allows us to respond in the most appropriate manner.

If you would like to know the outcome of a previously reported complaint, call us at 802-828-2421.

Do not report the same complaint multiple times.

PLEASE NOTE: Animal Welfare violations are considered a criminal offence in Vermont. Therefore, all animal welfare complaints should be made directly to the police, local animal control officer, or municipality. Reporting animal welfare violations here may delay notification to the proper authorities.

To submit a Complaint Report, please complete the following: ( * = required field )

Type of suspected violation
In order to receive confirmation that your complaint was submitted to the Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets’ Enforcement Section, and to get a copy of your completed form, please enter your e-mail address below. If you wish to remain anonymous, leave the following fields blank, but then you will not be contacted for further information or updates.
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