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2023 Flooding Disaster Response and Recovery Resources

Presione soltar: Recursos de recuperación para las comunidades agrícolas, granjas y familias de Vermont

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Please visit here for important public meeting notifications and recordings of past meetings.

Business Emergency Gap Assistance Program (BEGAP) for Agriculture - $1 million is available through the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets for food and farm businesses, organizations, or individuals who raise animals and/or grow food or crops for sale, or who operate on-farm processing operations that have experienced physical damage due to the flooding event. There is no deadline to apply.  Farms must meet eligibility requirments.  Funds are awarded on a 'first-come-first-served' basis.  The program will run until funds have been fully distributed.

Webinar: ACCD Business Emergency Gap Assistance Program - Find details about agriculture eligibility here.

Watch the webinar presenting more details about the $20,000,000 grant program that is intended to provide emergency bridge grants to non-profits and businesses that suffered physical damage during the July flood events. Topics will include: program eligibility, grant award calculation, program guidelines review, application requirements and a Q&A session with Agency staff. 

SEVERE WEATHER & FLOODING LOSS AND DAMAGE SURVEY - If you are a business, organization, or individual that raises animals and/or grows feed or crops for anyone beyond your immediate family, we kindly request that you fill out this survey. It should only take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.  The purpose of this survey is to, as accurately as possible, capture the type and scale of the damage agricultural producers suffered throughout the state. Survey data will be used to inform response efforts, effectively allocate resources, and advocate for future relief and recovery programs.  

  • DASHBOARD RESULTS - The SEVERE WEATHER & FLOODING LOSS AND DAMAGE SURVEY has been available for farmers and agricultural sector businesses to respond to since July 30th, 2023.  All data displayed in the dashboard is a summary of that data, reported by participants.  The accuracy of this data should be considered incomplete as the Agency believes not all impacted individuals and businesses have yet reported. The data will be updated daily at 8am to account for any new respondents.

Flooding & Storm Recovery: Next Steps For Farmers - If you are in the midst of recovery from the 2023 floods, this article may help guide you.

We recognize that recovery from this emergency will take significant time, energy, and resources. Please see below for important resources that can aid in recovery.