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Flooding Disaster Response and Recovery Resources

July 11, 2024 UPDATE 

As you are likely aware, Tropical Storm Beryl inundated parts of Vermont on July 10 and overnight into July 11.  Many roads, bridges, buildings and properties were once again impacted, exactly one year after the flooding of 2023.   Please know that the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets is responding to this new weather situation to help our farmers and our agriculture community, and to assess the situation and provide the best response and assistance to you that we can.  That work is in progress today (July 11) and will be ongoing.  Any new resources and assistance programs will be posted here, and you can find other supportive resources and programs here that were developed from last years flooding event.  We will be updating all of this information as soon as possible, so please be aware that work is ongoing.  

Please contact us if you have any flood related questions, concerns, or want to talk about your situation.  

Email -  | Phone - 802-828-2430

We hope you, your family and friends and community are all safe and healthy during these difficult and challenging events.  Please take care.

Presione soltar: Recursos de recuperación para las comunidades agrícolas, granjas y familias de Vermont


As we reach the 1-year anniversary of the flooding that hit our region in 2023, the Agriculture Recovery Task Force is seeking feedback from farmers who were impacted by the flooding and updates on the status of their farm businesses now.  Please complete this survey by 5pm, August 31st. 

Please click here to take the 5 minute survey.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you have experienced flood-related damages starting on July 10, 2024, the JULY 2024 FLOODING LOSS & DAMAGE SURVEY will be released very soon. The DISASTER RECOVERY GAPS SURVEY is not where you would capture new losses due to this most recent storm.