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Product Registration & Classification

Vermont law defines pesticides as economic poisons, all of which require state registration prior to sale, use, and/or distribution in the State.

"Minimum Risk Pesticide" products which meet the federal definition ("25(b) federally exempt") are required to be registered in Vermont and meet strict labeling requirements. If you have any questions about the labeling requirements please call (802)-828-2431 or email

At registration, all products are classified by the Agency as either Class A, B or C. The classification will restrict who can use, buy or sell products. 

Class A pesticides, or restricted-use pesticides, include all pesticides that are restricted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the State of Vermont. Also included in this category are products that require a State permit to apply, for example bird control or aquatic uses.

Class B pesticides are general use pesticides, typically for outdoor use, that contain greater than 3% active ingredient.  All turf products are Class B pesticides, with the exception of products containing Bacillus thuringiensis and potassium fatty acids, which are classified as Class C products.

Class C pesticides are general use products, typically for use in and around the home, which usually contain less than 3% active ingredient.  This class also includes products such as antimicrobials, insect repellants and swimming pool supplies - regardless of percent active ingredient.

To determine if a product is registered for use in the state of Vermont, or to determine its classification as Class A, B, or C, ignore the Login and click on "Product Registration" to search the database:

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