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Relocating or Requesting a New Apiary Location

Relocating or Requesting a New Apiary Location 

Establishing or relocating an apiary outside of personal property requires approval before  placing bees in the location. Beekeepers currently registered in Vermont seeking to establish or relocate and apiary can request a new apiary location by submitting the Apiary Location Request Form.

If you are registering bees for the first time, please use the Apiary Registration Form under the registration widget.   

To request a new apiary location please complete and submit the following form:  

New in 2022* A map is now available as a tool to locate potentially available apiary locations in Vermont. The map is created once per year using the previous years data. The apiary program maintains a more comprehensive map that is used to administer it's regulatory authority. 

Beekeepers seeking to locate or relocate an apiary within a 2-mile radius of an apiary registered to a different person are required to provide written permission to VAAFM. The form below shall be used for this purpose. To find your existing apiary USA Plant ID, log in to the database here

Apiary Location Permission Form

  If you require assistance, please contact