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Apiary Establishment Request

Use the form below to submit a request to establish a new apiary location or relocate an existing apiary.


Provide GPS coordinates in decimal format with 5 digits following the decimal. Ex.  Latitude: 44.26083, Longitude: -72.58049

GPS coordinates are best obtained by using Google maps. Obtaining coordinates with handheld GPS device or smartphone in the field is not recommended, as calibrations can be inconsistent  across devices. If a field device is used, it is recommended to verify the field coordinates with Google Maps.  For best results, it is recommended to use a desktop computer, satellite view layer, and a map scale of 100ft to locate the precise area for the proposed apiary. 

See example below:

Google Maps GPS Example

To obtain GPS coordinates, place the curser in the proposed apiary location on the map. A right-click with the mouse will provide a text box containing the GPS coordinates for the curser location. Double check the accuracy of the coordinates, bycopying and pasting the coordinates into the Google map search bar. 

Copy and paste the coordinates in the form below.

Latitude is the measurement North or South of the equator. In Vermont, the measurements range from 42.7 to 45.0.

Longitude is measurement East or West of the Prime Meridian. In Vermont, the measurements range from -71.5 to -73.4.

911 addresses for commercial apiaries will not be accepted.

Are you requesting the establishment of a new apiary or relocating an existing apiary?

For existing apiaries, provide the location name as listed on your renewal form and current GPS coordinates
Please provide the coordinates for the location you are requesting

*Please be advised that Longitude in Vermont will begin with the negative sign "–"

Coordinates without the "–" will not be processed.

Do you currently manage 10 or more colonies or plan to increase your colony count to 10 or more colonies in your operation?
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