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Metrology Lab

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<p>Description automatically generatedMetrology is the scientific study of measurement with the theoretical and practical aspects of measurements units and standards.

The Vermont Metrology Laboratory maintains the official mass, volume, and hydrometry standards for the State of Vermont. The metrology laboratory provides calibration services to the weighing and measuring community. The lab offers measurement advice and serves as a reference center, providing measurement assistance to industry, government agencies and educational institutions. The lab also provides assistance to the private and public sector in regard to weights and measures laws, regulations and enforcement issues.

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<p>Description automatically generatedThe State of Vermont Weights and Measures Metrology Laboratory is recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Office of Weights and Measures and is issued a Recognition Certificate of Metrological Traceability for its stated scope of operation. All standards are traceable to NIST through internal surveillance and external comparisons. Test Reports issued by the laboratory meet all State of Vermont Weights and Measures legal requirements as well as those of other surrounding states.     






The lab calibrates the following hydrometers to ensure compliance with Vermont Maple Laws and Regulations and to ensure accuracy in the production and testing of maple syrup.

  • Sap:   0 to10 Degrees Brix @ 38 Degrees F
  • Syrup: 25 to 40 Degrees Baume @ 60 Degrees F |  50 to71 Degrees Brix @ 60 Degrees F

Mass Standards

The lab calibrates the following range of NIST Class F, and ASTM 5 to 7 mass standards to ensure their accuracy in both industry and legal enforcement applications.

Mass Echelon III

1000 lb to 0.001 lb
30 kg to 1 mg

8 oz to 0.03125 oz

Weight Carts

7000 lb to 1000 lb


Volumetric Standards

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<p>Description automatically generatedThe lab calibrates field standards for volume used primarily in the inspection and calibration of retail motor fuel dispensers, oil trucks, and propane trucks.

Echelon II

200 gallons to 5 gallons

100 gallons to 25 gallons, LPG


Requirement for Service

  1. All parties requesting calibration services must schedule an appointment. 
  2. Cast iron weights need to be cleaned, and if needed, painted following the requirements in NIST Handbook 105-1 Section 2. 
  3. Test measures brought to the lab for calibration need to be cleaned both inside and out, including the sight glass.



5 Gallon test measures (Instate/Out of State)


Syrup Hydrometers


Sap Hydrometers


All Other Testing for Dealer Repairpersons registered in VT


All Other testing for Dealer Repairpersons not registered in VT



For general questions regarding the Metrology Laboratory's fees, contact the State Metrologist at the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.