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Weights and Measures Violations

The Weights and Measures Section of the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets conducts many inspections and investigations. For the first violation, an official notice is issued, and each individual store location must send back a Report of Corrective Action Taken (RCAT) detailing how they will correct the problem. If continued problems are found in subsequent inspections, an administrative penalty may be issued and other action may be taken, including referral to the Vermont Attorney General’s Office for civil enforcement. Administrative penalty amounts increase for repeated violations.

The Agency of Agriculture makes data regarding Weights and Measures violations available to the public for review. A record of retailers with the following violations can be found below.

  • Scanners – Price scanning systems charge a different price than is posted. Violations are over 2% errors.
  • Short Weight – The weight stated on the package must reflect the weight of the product only, excluding the weight of packaging.
  • Seals – Meters found with no security seals.
  • Short Measure – Meters deliver less than the amount on the meter.
  • Paid – Paid Penalty / No Hearing
  • AOD – Assurance of Discontinuance
  • Pre Hearing – Meeting to discuss the violation and come to an agreement
  • Dismissed – Case dropped​

WLS Spreadsheet download: Weights and Measures Violations 2013 to Present 

PDF version: Weights and Measures Violations 2013 to Present (PDF)