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Fruits, Vegetables, and Eggs

Assessing the quality of agricultural products takes place both at the point of production and at the location offering products for retail sale. Products such as eggs, apples, potatoes, strawberries, and maple syrup are inspected for proper labeling and to determine the quality of the product. Agricultural Product Specialists work with producers to help them make the best quality products possible and to grade and label them correctly.

For information about produce safety in Vermont, visit the Produce Program.

Vermont Statutes

Title 6 Chapter 22: Irradiation of Foods
Title 6 Chapter 23: Apples
Title 6 Chapter 27: Eggs
Title 6 Chapter 33: Potatoes


Fresh Egg Regulations
Strawberry Regulations


Vermont Shell Egg Labeling Guide

Agricultural Products Suspected Violation Form

Use this form to report a suspected food safety or consumer protection violation of fresh produce (fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, or mushrooms), shell eggs, or an irradiated food product:

Agricultural Products Suspected Violation Form