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Compliance and Enforcement



The Vermont Meat Inspection Compliance and Enforcement program is the second line of defense in assuring that consumers receive wholesome, properly labeled meat and poultry products. Our compliance officers are charged with investigating violations of the Vermont Meat and Poultry Inspection Statutes, such as unapproved slaughter and/or processing activities, the preparation, transport and/or sales of misbranded or adulterated meat and poultry products, special investigations and recalls.

All types of businesses within the state of Vermont that handle meat or poultry products, whether edible or inedible, are subject to review by this program.  This includes retail stores, wholesalers, warehouses, 4D operations, and any others handling meat and poultry products within the state.

The VAAFM Compliance Officers work in liaison with USDA Compliance Officers, local law enforcement officers and the State’s Attorneys General Office. Violations of the law can result in notices of warning, detentions, stop-sale orders, administrative actions, civil fines, and/or criminal prosecution.

Consumer Complaints/Concerns

Our compliance officers investigate consumer complaints related to meat and poultry products that were produced, handled, sold or transported in the State of Vermont.

If you have a consumer concern related to a meat or poultry product, please use this form.


Compliance Guidelines 

Licensing Guidelines for Prepared Meals & Other Products Containing Meat and Poultry

Guidance for Storage and Sale of Prepackaged Meat & Poultry