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Agency Notices Index

Vermont Notices are time sensitive materials used to provide instruction in support of workplace policies, procedures, and food safety regulations. The Notices are based on the requirements of the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service.

  • VT Notice 01A-23: Collecting Supplier Information at the Time of Sample Collection for STEC in Raw Ground Beef Products and Bench Trim
  • VT Notice A-13: Documenting Laboratory Verification Sampling Tasks in PHIS
  • FSIS Notice 24-23: Modifications To the Kidney Inhibition Swab (KIS) Reason Code Selection Options In The Public Health Information System
  • FSIS Notice 22-23: Availability Of FSIS Guideline For Controlling Salmonella In Swine Slaughter And Pork Processing Establishments

  • FSIS Notice 11-23: Mandatory Training for All Field Inspection Personnel Prior Label Approval Program: Expansion of Generic Label Approval

  • FSIS Notice 13-23: Disposal of Expired Tuberculosis Test Kits

  • VT Notice 2-23: Instructions for Conducting Verification Tasks on Missed Inspection Visits of Processing Establishments

  • VT Notice 70-22: Public Health Information System Establishment Profile Update- Hazard Analysis and CCP Details 
  • VT Notice 28-21Verification of Establishment Processes for Collecting Livestock Blood for Human Food

  • VT Notice 09-19: Changes to Meat Regulations

  • VT Notice 34-18: Assessment and Verification Reviews of an Official Livestock Establishment’s Robust Systematic Approach Plan for Humane Handling and Slaughter

  • VT Notice 1-17: Personnel Hygiene and Biosecurity Practices