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Agency Notices

Vermont Notices are time sensitive materials used to provide instruction in support of workplace policies, procedures, and food safety regulations. The Notices are based on the requirements of the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service.

  • VT Notice 28-21Verification of Establishment Processes for Collecting Livestock Blood for Human Food
  • FSIS Notice 37-21Ending Mandatory Inspection For Certain Multi-Component Kit Products Containing Meat Or Poultry Products
  • VT Notice 59-21: Revised Appendix A and Appendix B
  • VT Notice 01-19: Extension of Delayed Implementation of Verification of Appendices A and B
  • VT Notice 09-19: Changes to Meat Regulations
  • VT Notice 11-19: Information Regarding Instructional Labeling Statements for Raw Beef Shipped to Intermediary Establishments for Full Lethality Treatment
  • VT Notice 34-18: Assessment and Verification Reviews of an Official Livestock Establishment’s Robust Systematic Approach Plan for Humane Handling and Slaughter
  • VT Notice A-13: Documenting Laboratory Verification Sampling Tasks in PHIS
    • VT Notice 6-13: Collecting Supplier Information at the Time of Sample Collection for STEC in Raw Ground Beef and Bench Trim
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