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Commercial Feed Program

Commercial feed means all materials except whole seeds unmixed or physically altered entire  unmixed seeds, when not adulterated within the meaning of subsection 327(a) of title 6, chapter 26, which are distributed for use as feed or for mixing in feed. This program provides for the registration, inspection and analysis of all commercial feed and pet food products sold in Vermont.

Commercial Feed Labels

Per Vermont Statute, all pet foods and treats sold in the state of Vermont must be registered with proper labeling.  Please review our Feed Product Label Registration Guidelines (to make sure your label is compliant. You can find samples of acceptable feed labels here.

Commercial Feed Samples

One of the label requirements is a guaranteed analysis for protein, fat, fiber and moisture. You can have those tests done at our lab in Randolph. For more information, contact them directly.

Commercial Feed Sample Reports

The purpose of the inspection and analysis is to ensure that feed users are receiving a product that meets the nutritional guarantee specified by the labeling.   Penalties may be assessed to manufacturers for products that are deficient.  Violations are set at $50.00 for each deficiency found.  The penalty can be increased for repeat violations.  All penalties are paid to the Agency.

Commercial Feed Fees

Commercial feed manufacturers and dealers are required to register their commercial products with the Agency. The annual registration fee is $105 per product. There is no tonnage fee associated with commercial feed.

Commercial Feed - Applications & Forms

The Application for Registration of Commercial Feeding Stuffs is used to register pet food and commercial feed products. Please use this application for new products or products that you have changed the product name, company name on the label, guarantee or ingredients. Please do not use this application to renew products. In March of each year we generate a computerized renewal form that lists all of the products that you need to renew.

Feed Application.pdf


There are many questions concerning feed product registration and labeling. For general questions  consult Association of American Feed Control Officials Inc.

If you would like to know if a pet food is registered in Vermont you can search our database:

Database of Vermont Registered Feed Products

For Vermont specific questions consult our Frequently Asked Questions  or call 802-828-5050 or email

To register your business with the USFDA, visit their website.

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6 VSA Chapter 26 - Commercial Feeds Law

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