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Lime Program

Lime means all products whose calcium and magnesium compounds are capable of neutralizing soil acidity and which are intended or distributed for agricultural or plant propagation purposes. For the purposes of this regulation, the terms agricultural lime, lime or liming material shall have the same meaning and includes industrial wastes or by-products which contain calcium, magnesium and/or potassium compounds capable of neutralizing soil acidity.


Lime Labels

Per Vermont Statute each brand or grade of lime must be registered before being sold in Vermont.  Labels must include net weight, brand name, guaranteed analysis(including total calcium and total magnesium), name and address of manufacturer or distributor.


Lime Fees

Lime manufactures and dealers are required to register their commercial products with the Agency. The annual registration fee is $50 per product. There are no tonnage fees associated with lime.


Lime Application

The application fore Registration of Lime and Limestone is used to register lime and limestone products. Please use this application for new products or product name, company name on the label, guarantee or ingredients. Pease do not use the application to renew products. In November of each year we generate a computerized renewal from form that lists all the products that you  need to renew.

Lime application pdf.



If you would like to know if a lime product is registered in Vermont, you can search our Database of Vermont Registered Lime Products.

For Vermont specific questions call 802-828-5050 or email


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