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Local Food Data Tracking

The Local Foods Data Tracking Program, in partnership with USDA Market News, provides public access to aggregated pricing data on agricultural products in Vermont, including fruit and vegetable crops, meat, poultry, and eggs.

The program aims to collect and synthesize current pricing data that farmers, retail outlets, organizations, and the public can use for price comparisons, setting competitive prices, evaluating business value for insurance rates and loans, and enabling consumers to make informed choices.

To achieve these goals, the Agency of Agriculture collaborates with producers, processors, and farmers' markets across the state to gather and publish pricing data, which is available in the reports below. Additionally, national pricing reports can be found on the USDA Market News website.


Drew Watson
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Local & Regional Food Market News

USDA Market News works with State Departments of Agriculture and local and regional food systems to provide prices, volume, and other information on agricultural commodities sold at local and regional markets throughout the U.S.