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Maple Data Dashboard

Identifying Market Opportunities for Vermont Maple Syrup Producers

Atlantic Corporation (Atlantic) conducted primary market research for Vermont maple syrup and maple products through the development and implementation of a consumer insights survey of 1,800 Northeast consumers. The primary objective of this project was to create a robust, data-driven dashboard based on the consumer preference data that will enable the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM), Vermont maple syrup producers, and other stakeholders to identify and measure the size of market opportunities for locally sourced maple products. As a part of this work, Atlantic also completed business-to-business (B2B) surveys of Vermont maple syrup producers to collect baseline and projected sales data before and after implementation of our dashboard to evaluate the overall impact of the project.

Technical Report

This report was prepared by Atlantic Corporation for the Vermont Agency of Food, Agriculture and Markets (VAAFM) under Vermont Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Grant #02200-SCBGP-16-01, entitled “Identifying market opportunities for maple syrup producers in Vermont.” The primary objectives of this project were the creation of a detailed final report and a data visualization tool to help the VAAFM, and Vermont maple syrup producers, value-added producers, and other maple syrup stakeholders identify and measure the size of market opportunities for Vermont maple syrup producers.

Read the 2021 Technical Report

Maple Data Dashboard

Check out this new, interactive, visual tool, created by Atlantic Corporation, that can answer your questions about maple market opportunities. Customize this tool to pull the precise information you need to grow your sales in the Northeast. This tool visualizes the data collected in the 2021 technical report linked above.

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