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Personal Use Exemption

Allows for an individual to slaughter and/or process animals owned wholly by him/her. The Individual Exemption does not apply to the slaughter of animals owned wholly or in part by another individual or person. If an individual raises animals and slaughters them on his/her own property, the following criteria must be met:

  1. the animal is owned wholly by the individual,
  2. the meat and meat food products of such livestock are exclusively for use by the individual, and members of his household and his nonpaying guests and employees,
  3. the slaughter is done in accordance with the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act and Vermont Humane Handling Regulations
  4. none of the meat or edible meat by-products derived from the on-farm slaughter is offered for sale or for barter,
  5. the meat is not adulterated,  and 
  6. the inedible parts (blood, internals, etc) are properly disposed of according to laws of other local, state and federal agencies that have jurisdiction.

If an individual brings his/her animal to another farm to slaughter, this would fall under Custom Exemption.