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Christmas Tree Inspections for Export

Pine Christmas trees and pine material originating in Vermont are subject to the Federal Pine Shoot Beetle quarantine, and all Christmas tree species (balsam, fraser, Canaan firs, spruce, pine) are subject to the Federal Spongy Moth (FKA Gyspy Moth) quarantine, as well as various state regulations or international regulations. Shipments into areas where these pests are not established are required to be inspected and certified free of these pests prior to harvest.

The Plant Health Team may provide Christmas tree inspection services for growers that ship Christmas trees or boughs and greenery from Vermont to destinations outside the Federal Spongy Moth and Pine Shoot Beetle quarantine zones. If shipping internationally the Plant Health Team can insure compliance with international regulations for shipments to foreign destinations.  These certifications are known as phytosanitary certificates. For more information including how to request a phytosanitary certificate, go to the Exporting Plants from Vermont. 


Please contact the Plant Health Team with questions regarding export regulations.