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Nursery Inspection Program

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM)  as authorized by 6 V.S.A., Chapter 206, Sections 4021-4031, and the Vermont Regulations Related to the Inspection of Nurseries, requires any person who purchases, sells or installs nursery stock in this state to annually apply for and receive a nursery license.  Registrations are valid from May 1 through April 30. Any person soliciting orders for, offering for sale, or distributing nursery stock shall have in his or her possession a copy of a current nursery license issued by the Secretary. A person selling $1000.00 or less of nursery stock in a year shall be exempt from the requirement to obtain a license.

  • “Nursery grower" means any person engaged in growing, propagating, or production of nursery stock for commercial gain.
  • "Nursery dealer" means any person who sells or distributes nursery stock for commercial gain.

The purpose of this law is to prevent the movement of economically damaging pests such as plant pathogens, insects, mites and noxious weeds that have the potential to cause economic harm to Vermont's agricultural community and natural environment. Under this law, officials from VAAFM may inspect nursery stock in the possession of a licensed grower or dealer. 

It is a violation of Vermont law if the VAAFM finds a nursery dealer “offering for sale stock that is diseased or infested with injurious pests.”  It responds to complaints and will inspect nurseries. If VAAFM finds diseased or infested stock, the plants, either individually or in blocks, can be put on stop-sale, treated in a particular manner, or destroyed, as is necessary to reduce or eliminate spread. 






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