Meat Inspection Applications and Forms

Unsure of what you need for what you want to do?  Click here for a flow chart of livestock slaughter and processing decision making.  If you still are unsure, please contact the office so that we can assist you.

Meat Handler Facility Search

Meat Handlers License Application

A license is required for the buying, selling, preparing, processing, packing, storing transporting, or otherwise handling meat, poultry and meat/poultry food products in the state of Vermont.  This includes products slaughtered and processed under Federal jurisdiction. Applicable licensing categories include:

  • Commercial slaughterhouse
  • Commercial packing plant
  • Commercial Poultry slaughterhouse
  • Custom Slaughterhouse
  • Custom Packing Plant
  • Custom Poultry Slaughterhouse
  • Wholesale Meat or Poultry Distributor
  • Broker, Meat or Poultry Products
  • Animal Food Manufacturer
  • Public Warehouseman
  • 4-D Animal Handler
  • Renderer

Request for State Meat Inspection Services

This form is to request inspection services from the state of Vermont for establishments that will be operating under State Inspection. This form is to be filled out in conjunction with the Meat Handlers License application.

Retail License Application

A retail license is required if you operate stores, sell or attempt to sell to consumers at their homes, or otherwise sell, display, advertise for sale, offer for sale, or have available for sale meat, meat food products and/or poultry products for purchase by household consumers.

Records Required by Retail Stores that Grind Raw Beef Products

Sample Ground Beef Grinding Log

Retail Specially Processed Meat/Poultry Variance

This form is to request a varinace to current regulations to allow special processing at the retail level, including but not limited to, smoking, curing (and uncured prodcuts), refining of livestock fats, drying and pickling. The full policy can be accessed below.

Specially Processed Meat and Poultry Policy - 001

Specially Processed Variance Application


Commercial Processing Production Report

This template can be used by commercial facilities to report their monthly production as required recordkeeping.

On-Farm Slaughter Registration

To qualify for the on-farm slaughter exemption, a farmer must register with the Agency of Agriculture (6 V.S.A. §3311a (c)(2)). This registration expires on a calendar year basis. The farmer must renew the registration each calendar year, prior to allowing others to engage in on-farm slaughter activity on their farm. 

On-Farm Slaughter Quarterly Reporting Template

This template can be used by farm owners to fulfill the quarterly reporting requirements to the VT Agency of Agriculture regarding the slaughter activity conducted under the Personal Slaughter exemption (6 V.S.A. §3311a) 

Custom Slaughter and Processing Report

Notice of Temporary Custom Plant Closing