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Passive Tick Surveillance Program

To monitor the distribution of ticks in the state of Vermont, the VT Agency of Agriculture offers free identification of ticks. We offer identification of species, life stage, and engorgement rate information only, and are not a testing facility for pathogens. Unless other arrangements have been made, ticks should be preserved in small bottles of isopropyl alcohol (used watertight pill bottles work well) and mailed in a crush-proof container with this completed form to:


VT Tick Surveillance Program

163 Admin Drive

Randolph Center, VT 05061

You may also take a clear, close-up photo of the tick with your cell phone and email it to We may be able to identify the tick this way, eliminating the need to mail it.

To remove ticks, grasp them with fine forceps (tweezers) as near the skin as possible and pull directly out firmly and steadily. The barbed mouthparts may not let go easily, so a minute or more may be required. Do not handle ticks with your bare hands. For more information on tick removal, please visit the Vermont Department of Health's website.

tick removal photo


Because we are interested in tick distribution, we may attempt to contact the person who originally collected the tick. If a tick is submitted by a clinic or other organization, please include the original collector’s name and address. Please include name of guardian if under 18 years of age.