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Payment for Ecosystem Services and Soil Health Working Group


All Vermont Payment for Ecosystem Services and Soil Health Working Group (PES WG) meetings are open to the public, and will have public comment periods. 

This webpage will be kept up to date with upcoming PES WG meeting schedules, agendas, and information on how to access each meeting. Materials related to each past meeting and agendas for upcoming meetings will be uploaded once available at PES WG Meetings and Materials. Webinars are held occasionally between meetings: recordings will be shared at PES Working Group Webinars.

To join an upcoming meeting, find the Agenda & Registration Link for the meeting on PES WG Meetings and Materials.

Upcoming meeting schedule:

We are holding our fall meetings via Zoom on the first and third Tuesday of the month,  from 12-2 PM, beginning on September 21, 2021 and continuing into 2022.

 PES WG Meetings and MaterialS (including Agendas & registration links)

Background on the PES Working Group

PES Working Group Background & Announcement

Act 83 of 2019 directed the Secretary of Agriculture, Food and Markets to convene a "Soil Conservation Practice and Payment for Ecosystem Services Working Group", with membership determined by the Legislature. The purpose of this Working Group (PES Working Group) is to recommend financial incentives designed to encourage farmers in Vermont to implement agricultural practices that improve soil health, enhance crop resilience, increase carbon storage and stormwater storage capacity, and reduce agricultural runoff to waters. Membership in the Working Group is directed by this Act. 

Report to Legislature Jan 15 2020

Following several recommendations of the PES Working Group as laid out in the January 15 2020 Report to Legislature, Act 129 of 2020 amended Act 83 of 2019 to rename the "Payment for Ecosystem Services and Soil Health Working Group," to establish this Working Group until January 2022,  to direct the inclusion of several additional seats on this Working Group, and to lay out the charges for this Working Group. 

PES Working Group Extended by Act 129 of 2020

PES Working Group Membership 2021

Interim PES Working Group Update Feb 2022