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Water Quality Program Staff


If you can't find the phone or email contact for a water quality staff member, please call 802-828-2431. 

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Rob Achilles Engineering Chief 802-917-1397
Jason Bradley Engineer 802-461-3065
Steve Cash WQ Specialist supervisor 802-477-3263
Brittany Cole WQ Specialist 802-522-7413
Jeff Cook Administrative Services 802-828-3474
Laura DiPietro Director  802-595-1990
Ellen Friedrich Ag Water Quality Program Coordinator 802-261-5629
Ben Gabos Program Coordinator 802-461-3814
Nina Gage Deputy Director 802-622-4098
Matthew Gardner Engineer 802-622-4612
Noah Gilbert - Fuller Water Quality Program Coordinator 802-505-3407
Sonia Howlett Program Coordinator 802-522-4655
Luke Hughes WQ Specialist 802-636-7289
Sylvia Jensen WQ Specialist 802-782-3388
Lee  King WQ Specialist 802-261-5924
Trevor Lewis Supervisor - WQ Specialist Supervisor 802-585-5092
Jessica Mason WQ Specialist 802-595-4726
Andrew Mitchell Engineer 802-505-5125
Mary Montour Program Coordinator Supervisor 802-461-6087
Judson Peck Program Coordinator 802-522-7041
Emma Redel Ag Water Quality Program Coordinator 802-261-5628
Nate Sands WQ Section Chief 802-224-6850
Rachel Seigel Engineer 802-661-8771
Connor Steckel Grazing Specialist 802-522-0065
Amer Suvalic Engineer 802-522-4306
David  Wardrop WQ Specialist 802-622-4058
Tucker Wehner Water Quality Specialist 802-461-6284
Dillan Westcom Engineer 802-522-6962
Phil  Wilson Program Coordinator 802-505-5378
Mianda Wood WQ Specialist 802-585-9363