Seed Certification Program

Seed and sales of seed for agricultural, turfgrass, nursery stock, home gardens, and hobby farm purposes are regulated by law in Vermont.  Our law, 6 V.S.A., Chapter 35, provides guidance for labeling, reporting, registration, and certification of seeds produced and sold in Vermont.  This statute also authorizes the Agency to develop and enforce rules pertaining to seeds, including seed germination and purity requirements, labeling, seed potato certification, reporting of genetically modified organism/genetically engineered (GMO/GE) seed sold, and non-mandatory seed certification services.  Our rule is based in part on the Recommended Uniform Standard Seed Law (RUSSL), as provided by the American Association of Seed Control Officials (AASCO), but also incorporates elements unique to Vermont's seed law.

Under VT Law, all seed companies must register annually and pay a $85.00 registration fee. In addition, for those companies selling seed in bulk (containers > 10 lbs), they must pay a fee of $10.00 per ton ($0.50 per hundredweight). The registration staff handles sending out these notices and processing the applications.

Seed Certification Laws and Regulations

Vermont Seed Laws (6 V.S.A., Chapter 35)
Vermont Seed Standard Regulations

New Seed Application