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Vermont Dairy Promotion Council

Vermont Dairy Promotion Council

The Vermont Dairy Promotion Council is a council established by the legislature that oversees the expenditure of the promotion money collected through a $0.10 per CWT (one hundred pounds) of raw milk sold by a farmer. The funds must be used in a manner consistent with the federal dairy check-off program so that the farms receive credit for the funds paid to Vermont and do not need to pay that amount into the national pool. Each farm also pays $0.05 per CWT of raw milk sold to the federal program for milk marketing efforts such as the “got milk” and “milk mustache” projects. The national program is only for milk from dairy cattle, whereas the state program is for all dairy producers and processors, including Vermont's growing goat and sheep dairy industries. The funds for the $0.10 program are paid by the dairy farmers and collected by the first buyer of the milk (cooperative or milk handler).

The Dairy Section oversees the Vermont Dairy Promotion Council (VDPC). VDPC is authorized by language in 6 V.S.A. Chapter 163 and is funded by assessments established on dairy products. The largest is a $0.10 per one hundred pounds of product (CWT) charge that is assessed on all raw milk produced on Vermont’s dairy farms that are selling into commerce. These funds are used to promote the sale of milk and milk products. Most of the funding supports regional initiatives as most of Vermont's dairy products are sold outside of the state. For more information about VDPC, refer to the FAQ document link found below.


Excel-based tool to assist in calculating the fees due
PDF file with forms to be filled in for the correct amount
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