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Raw Milk Direct to Consumers

In 2009, the legislature changed the law pertaining to the sale of raw milk directly to consumers (6 V.S.A  Chapter 152). Prior to that change, a farm could sell up to 350 quarts weekly from their farm with the only requirement being that of basic cleanliness. The 2009 statutory change increased the allowance to 1,120 quarts weekly and allowed delivery of milk if a number of thresholds were met. The statutory change also included a number of requirements to help ensure that consumers knew they were buying an unpasteurized product that could contain pathogens. In 2011, the legislature clarified that the law pertained to raw (unpasteurized) milk sold for personal consumption only.

The legislature also required that animal health testing be performed and that dairy animals be vaccinated for rabies.

In 2014 the Legislature added the ability to deliver milk to consumers at a farmers market. This is for producers that are registered and meet the requirements for producers that wish to deliver or sell more than 350 quarts of milk per week. For more details please review the “Raw Milk Guidelines” that have a link below.

For producers that wish to sell over 350 quarts weekly or that wish to deliver, there is a requirement that the milk be tested twice a month. The testing can be performed in any certified dairy lab including the State Laboratory. For laboratory submission information to the State Laboratory, contact the dairy lab at (802) 585-4439.

In 2015,TB and Brucellosis animal health testing requirements were changed from annual, to requiring all animals be done once and then animals entering the milking herd, including those born on the farm. The upper limit for sales as a Tier II producer was raised to 1400 quarts per week. Testing requirements were also changed to require milk being transported to the state lab for testing must be in containers approved by the certified lab. Suspension of milk sales was changed to be after the producer was in violation 3 out of the last 5 times. The sign required to be at the point of sale at the farm is now also required when delivering at Farmers Markets.


The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets held a virtual forum on May 26th, 2021, with Section Chiefs from Dairy and Meat Inspection to answer questions about the regulations covering on-farm slaughter and the selling of raw milk. The virtual forum provided a quick overview of information, but more importantly, the ability to ask questions in an open and welcoming setting. Below is the recording of this forum. The information regarding sales of raw milk begins at 28:30.


Animal Health Requirements

Raw Milk Guidelines


Tier II Registration - Raw Milk Direct to Consumer Sales

6 V.S.A. Chapter 152 Unpasteurized Milk Inspection Form *Inspection must be conducted by an Agency Dairy Inspector to meet inspection requirements of 6 V.S.A. Chapter 152*

Sign Template

Raw Milk Sign Template