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Laws & Regulations

The following chapters of 6 V.S.A. are the statutes most germane to the Dairy Section:

V.S.A. 6 Chapter 151
provides general information pertaining to the production, processing and sales of milk and milk products for commercial operations.

V.S.A. 6 Chapter 152
lays out the requirements for farmers wishing to sell limited quantities of raw milk directly to consumers

V.S.A. 6 Chapter 155
outlines the requirements for frozen dessert manufacture.

V.S.A. 6 Chapter 157
lays out the requirements for the bonding for the value of the milk purchased directly from a Vermont farmer or as cooperative representing Vermont farmers.

V.S.A. 6 Chapter 159
states the effect of a producer lien on the unpaid balance due from a milk handler.

V.S.A. 6 Chapter 163
lays out the requirement for producers and processors to pay an assessment based on milk production or fluid milk sales. It also lays out the formation of the Vermont Dairy Promotion Council to oversee the use of the funds.

Dairy Rules and Standards

For details on the rules and standards that fall under these statutes go to the General Dairy Regulations page.