Capital Equipment Assistance Program (CEAP)

Financial assistance is available for new or innovative equipment that will aid in the reduction of surface runoff of agricultural wastes to state waters, improve water quality of state waters, reduce odors from manure application, separate phosphorus from manure, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce costs to farmers when they apply manure.


  • Farmers
  • Custom Operators
  • Businesses
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Phosphorus Extraction Equipment Providers

Examples of Eligible Equipment: 

  • Conservation Tillage Equipment
  • No-Till Grain Drills
  • Roller Crimpers
  • Precision Agriculture Equipment such as Flow Meters and Data Loggers
  • Manure Injectors
  • Silage Balers/Wrappers
  • Dragline Systems
  • Phosphorus Removal Equipment/Technology

Eligible equipment and corresponding funding caps or cost share rates can change based on funding availability and other factors, please refer to the most current Program Details for more information on eligible equipment. 

Learn More: CEAP Program Information

How to Apply:

Applications are due annually in November. The next round of funding will be released in fall 2021. 

Several supporting documents are required when applying for CEAP and will need to be uploaded or sent along with your application to make your application complete. It will be easiest if you gather this information prior to starting your application.

  1. Fill out the Project Questionnaire [word document] (REQUIRED): Write us a letter OR fill out this 1-page questionnaire describing your operation and your need for the requested equipment.
  2. Obtain Quote/s for the requested equipment (REQUIRED): Print or scan official quotes and include with your application. What are the estimated costs for the requested equipment and installation, (and shipping or freight costs which are not eligible for financial assistance), and where do you plan to purchase it from? 
  3. Obtain Letter of Support (OPTIONAL): If submitted, Letter/s of support should add pertinent information about your application. Please refrain from including letters of support which may clearly be biased in their support of your application, e.g. from an entity or individual financially benefitting from your application or grant award. 
  4. Fill out the CEAP Application (Link will be provided once available for 2022) and send it with the above supporting documents to submit your full Application!

 All three required components, the CEAP ApplicationQuestionnaire, and Quote/s for the requested equipmentMUST be included for your application to be complete. We strongly encourage you to submit your application online, but if needed, you can print and mail or email a PDF versionTo apply by mail, download the following PDF and save a copy to your local computer to complete and return along with your quote.

Download a PDF applicatioN ForM & Questionnaire 

Contact Information:


Mail: VAAFM CEAP Program, 116 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05620-2901

Fax: (802) 828-1410

Ranking Criteria:

Please note that the Agency intends to provide funding in a fair and honest way that firstly complies with the law funding this program, which prioritizes equipment used on multiple farms and/or in certain geographic watersheds, and secondly balances the need for farms of all sizes to receive assistance through this financial assistance program with the need to meet state nutrient reduction targets.

  • Applicant Status (8%): First priority will be given to capital equipment to be used on multiple farm sites.
  • Geographic Area (10%): Priority will be given in descending order based on the statute for thisprogram - Lake Champlain Basin, Lake Memphremagog Basin, the Connecticut River Basin, andthe Hudson River Basin.
  • Investment Impact (15%): Priority will be given to applications with the lowest cost per acre and the highest percent of use on applicable cropland.
  • Viability/Risk (8%): Priority will be given to applicants with reduced risk as assessed by AAFM.
  • Management, Experience & Impact (24%): Priority will be given to new recipients, farms resolving waterquality concerns, and applicants with prior experience with requested equipment and/or conservation practice.
  • Equipment Innovation (15%): Priority will be given to proposals for innovative equipment.
  • Supporting Materials, Consistency and Program Intent (20%): Priority will be given to applications withcomplete supporting documentation, including a questionnaire and quotes for the requested equipment, andconsistency of the supporting documentation with application responses and the statutory intent of theprogram (description above and available online at 6 V.S.A. § 4828).

For More Information:


Contact Information

Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

116 State Street
Montpelier, Vt 05620-2901


Program Contacts

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