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Capital Equipment Assistance Program (CEAP)


Financial assistance is available for new or innovative equipment that will aid in the reduction of surface runoff of agricultural wastes to state waters, improve water quality of state waters, reduce odors from manure application, separate phosphorus from manure, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce costs to farmers when they apply manure.


  • Vermont Farms required to comply with the Required Agricultural Practices
  • Custom Operators
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Phosphorus Extraction Equipment Providers

Eligible Equipment Categories: 

  • Precision Agriculture – to accurately and digitally observe, monitor and respond to field variability and improve nutrient management planning.
  • Conservation Tillage – to reduce the frequency or intensity of tillage operations.
  • Cover Crop Equipment – to increase or improve cover cropping implementation.
  • Waste Management – to improve waste and nutrient management, nutrient application efficiency and methods.
  • Feed Management – to reduce impacts from silage leachate and reduce feed imports.

Eligible equipment and corresponding funding caps or cost share rates can change based on funding availability and other factors, please refer to the most current Program Details for more information on eligible equipment. 

Learn More: CEAP Program Information

How to Apply:

Grant Applications due (or postmarked) by November 1, 2022.

Applicants are highly encouraged to apply online to ensure a timely and systematized receipt of applications. This method of submission also provides applicants with confirmation that their application has been received. We recommend that you review the application below and use it to draft your responses before submitting online. Please be aware you cannot save a partial submission and return later once you have started an online application; the content will be lost. Follow the steps below:

  1. Review the CEAP Program Application and Details (PDF) and draft your responses for each question before starting the online application.
  2. Prepare the following supporting documents:
    • Project Questionnaire [word document] (REQUIRED): Write a letter OR fill out this 1-page questionnaire describing your operation and your need for the requested equipment.
    • Quote/s for the requested equipment (REQUIRED): Print or scan official quotes and include with your application submission. What are the estimated costs for the requested equipment and installation, (note that shipping or freight costs are not eligible for financial assistance), and where do you plan to purchase it from?
    • Letter of Support (OPTIONAL): If submitted, Letter/s of support should add pertinent information about your application. Please refrain from including letters of support which may clearly be biased in their support of your application
  3. Submit the CEAP Application Online by November 1, 2022.

*UPDATE 10/26/2022 - We are aware of the delays faced in requesting a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), and we recently received notice that other entity identification numbers may be used to meet our federal funding requirements. Please submit your application whether or not you have a UEI, this is not a requirement for application to this program.



Questions about applying?

Resources for CEAP Grant Recipients:

CEAP grant agreements have an agreement length of 5 years, during which period you are expected to maintain and continue using the equipment as described in your initial application. AAFM program staff will visit your farm 1-2 times during this period to check on your equipment.

CEAP recipients are further required to report equipment usage for the first three (3) years of the grant.

This reporting requirement exists so we can document the phosphorus reductions farmers are achieving with the purchased equipment and to demonstrate how CEAP is working to get conservation on the ground. In addition, CEAP is a competitive grant program and a major aspect of the ranking and review of your applications is the scale of conservation that you committed to your application. Since recipients were selected to receive funds in part of based on the expected conservation value of your equipment being used on the acres you committed to, the program requires recipients to meet those commitments for each year of reporting. 

Annual Usage Reports cover a Calendar Year and must be submitted annually by January 15th to the Contact listed below, accompanied by all relevant corresponding maps. If an explanation or justification is needed, please submit that in written form alongside your report and maps. 

You may select the template that works best for your farm:

CEAP Annual Usage Report (Printable)           CEAP Annual Usage Report (Excel)

CEAP & FAP Combined Report (Printable)            CEAP & FAP Combined Report (Excel) 


Contact Information:


Mail: VAAFM CEAP Program, 116 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05620-2901