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Pet Food Product Guarantee Analysis

Vermont requires that all pet related food products sold here be registered and labeled according to the Vermont Pet Food Regulations (found here). Helpful links regarding pet food product labeling can be found below:

                Agency of Agriculture Pet Food Program Home Page

                Vermont Feed/Pet Food Product Label Guidelines

                Sample Pet Treat Label

                Feed/Pet Food FAQs

All pet food products are required to have guaranteed analysis information on each package.  This analysis includes crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and moisture.  Additionally, ash testing is required if samples are to be sold in New York.  Each different product or recipe needs to be analyzed, even if only one ingredient differs.

The guaranteed analysis can be done at any feed laboratory of the manufacturers choosing.  The Vermont Agency of Agriculture’s Feed and Fertilizer laboratory also conducts guarantee analysis for a fee.

When will my sample(s) be tested?

Pet food samples are processed monthly. Samples may be sent to the lab at any time, but analysis will begin on the first Monday of each month (if Monday is a holiday, we will begin Tuesday). Samples received after that date will be held until the next month’s set is begun. Please plan accordingly. Sample results will be emailed approximately 2-3 weeks after testing begins.

How do I submit my sample(s)?

Samples can be submitted by mail, Fed Ex, or in person at the laboratory (open M-F 8-4:30).  Samples should be at least 3 ounces in weight, contained in a zipper bag or original packaging, and each product/recipe must be packaged separately. Refrigerated or frozen foods must arrive at the lab as so. Please include a Pet Food Label Guarantee Sample Submission Form and check made out to “VT Agency of Agriculture” for the full amount with your samples. Samples can be sent to:

Vermont Agricultural and Environmental Laboratory

ATTN: Pet Food Testing Program

163 Admin Drive,

Randolph Center, VT 05061

How will I get my results?

Once the product has been tested, an email with a PDF report of the results will be sent out to you. A label will need to be created once the guaranteed analysis is finished. The instructions for creating a label can be found through the links at the top of this page. For any additional questions regarding label creation, contact Lisa Fantelli ( 


For questions regarding guaranteed analysis, please contact Melissa Laweryson ( or Rachel Markey (