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RAP Rulemaking Process Archive

The Accepted Agricultural Practices (AAPs) became effective in 1995, and were initially amended in 2006. They were amended again in 2016 to become the current Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs).

Act 64 (H. 35), An act relating to improving the quality of state waters, a result of the 2015 Legislative Session, began an extensive rulemaking process that amended and renamed the AAPS to the  RAPs. Act 105 (H. 829), An act relating to water quality on small farms, of the 2016 Legislative Session introduced the regualtion of small farm operations by the Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets.  

The RAPs were further amended in 2018 to include requirements for reducing nutrient contribution to waters of the State from subsurface tile drainage on agricultural fields.

On this page, the documentation of the 2016 and 2018 rulemaking processes can be found, in addition to the documention for Act 64 and Act 105.

Act 64 (H. 35) - An act relating to improving the quality of state waters

This act amends or enacts multiple statutes related to water quality in the State. The act amends several provisions regarding agricultural water quality. The “accepted agricultural practices” are renamed the “required agricultural practices (RAPs).”

Act 105 (H. 829) - An act relating to water quality on small farms

This act amends the Act 64 of 2015 standards the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (AAFM) are required to address in revising the Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs) by rule. 

2016 RAP Amendment Process Archive

2018 RAP Amendment Process for Subsurface Tile Drainage