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Farm to School Vision Grant

View the 2022 Request for Applications.

View a fillable application form. The fillable application is provided as a resource and cannot be used in place of the online application.

Program Background

Farm to school is a broad term. It describes a variety of efforts aimed at educating and engaging children and young adults on the connections that exist between agriculture, nutrition, community and health. This competitive funding opportunity is designed to support projects that engage youth in exploring those connections. We are seeking proposals that address specific challenges related to the interconnections between agriculture, nutrition, community and health.

This is a two-year grant with a maximum award of $16,000. Successful applicants will be required to provide a match equal to twenty-five percent of the total grant award. Matching funds can be in the form of cash, in-kind services or a combination of both. Cash match is not a requirement, but proposals that leverage additional funding will receive preference over those that meet the match requirement through in-kind services alone. 

Applicants will be required, through qualitative and/or quantitative evidence, to identify a farm to school related challenge impacting their community. Applicants will then need to demonstrate how their proposal seeks to address that challenge. Proposals must center youth in their scope. Strong proposals will:

  • Clearly articulate the problem they seek to address
  • Engage multiple community stakeholders
  • Demonstrate a high likelihood of success
  • Demonstrate an ability for the project to be easily scaled and/or replicated
  • Demonstrate the likelihood of continued impact beyond the grant period


Vermont Schools, licensed and/or registered childcare providers and licensed afterschool programs are eligible to apply for this grant. Both individual organizations, as well as consortiums are eligible to apply.   

Non-profits or community organizations that conduct programming in Vermont are also eligible, but must apply as a co-applicant with an eligible school, childcare or afterschool program.

How to Apply

*The deadline to apply for the 2022 Vision Grant has passed*

Applications will need to be submitted through our online grants management system, WebGrants. If you are interested in this, or other Agency opportunities, and do not have a WebGrants account, you can register for one here. We will begin accepting applications for this grant on March 25, 2022.  

Program Contact

Gina Clithero

WebGrants Technical Assistance

Diana Ferguson