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Conservation Practice Recommendations

Looking for technical guidance on implementing a conservation or best management practice?

This page contains our team’s current recommendations and favorite resources. Please continue to check in on this page as we populate it with new topics.

Cover Crops

Cover crops are a critical component of profitable and sustainable cropping systems. Cover crops can help to improve soil health, manage nutrients, suppress weeds, protect water quality, boost crop yields, build soil resilience, and much more.

  • The Northeast Cover Crops Council website has a wealth of resources about using cover crops in the Northeast, including a Cover Crop Selector Tool which can help farmers choose which cover crop species can best help them meet their cover crop goals. Check them out at

No-Till Pasture/Hayland Renovation

No-till renovation practices can help improve the productivity and quality of pasture/hayland, while promoting soil health, water quality, and field resilience.

  • Check out VAAFM’s guide to renovating pastures/haylands with no-till drill seeding and frost seeding methods below.