Retail Inspection

Package & Labeling – The Consumer Protection Section looks at consumer packages to assure that they are properly labeled and comply with all Vermont and Federal requirements.

Package Weights – Packages are weighed to check that the packager of the product is taking tare and only charging for the weight of the item and not the packaging.

Unit Pricing – There are specific requirement as to the unit of measure a product is sold by. The Consumer Protection Section checks to make sure that all products have a proper unit price and that all items within a category are unit priced consistently.

Dairy Case Temperatures – The Consumer Protection Section checks Dairy Case temperatures at several different locations within the dairy case to assure that the case maintains a maximum temperature of 45⁰F.

Freezer Unit Temperature – The Consumer Protection Section checks each freezer unit to make sure that the temperature is maintained at 0⁰F or below. Care is taken not to check the temperature during a defrost cycle.

Irradiated Foods – Consumer Protection Specialists check the produce section of each store for the presence of produce treated with radiation for preservation. The produce must be marked appropriately and identified as to have been treated with radiation.