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Loans & Financing

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Community Capital of Vermont (CCVT)

CCVT is a statewide small business and microenterprise lender serving low and moderate income entrepreneurs and specializing in providing loans to business owners who lack the collateral or credit history to qualify for traditional bank loans. Loans range in size from $1,000 to $100,000 and can be used for business start-up or growth and expansion. 

Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont offers flexible, low-interest loans for cost-effective energy improvements that  help businesses improve the energy efficiency farm and ag operations, boost production, and lower operating expenses. To learn more, visit the Financing for Agricultural Operations page.

Flexible Capital Fund

The Flex Fund is strategically focused on providing near equity or mezzanine financing (subordinated debt, royalty financing and/or warrants) to Vermont’s growing value-added ag, forestry and clean energy businesses. The fund invests in targeted Vermont growth companies that fill a gap, or strengthen the supply chain, in sustainable agriculture and food systems, forest products, renewable energy and other natural resource sectors.

Fresh Source Capital

Fresh Source Capital is an investment firm focused on sustainable food and agriculture and rebuilding local, regional food systems by providing debt and royalty financing options to growth-stage companies in the Northeast.

Northern Community Investment Corporation (NCIC)

Serving Northern New Hampshire & Northeastern Vermont, NCIC develops lending solutions for everything from small start-ups to large well-established businesses. Loans range from $5,000–$500,000 with interest rates from 4%–12%. NCIC also supports borrowers with resources and coaching solutions and can often cost share with businesses to make professional services more affordable.

Slow Money Vermont

Slow Money Vermont is a network that aims to inform, inspire and connect individuals, businesses, philanthropists, and investors interested in building a sustainable local and regional food system and to catalyze new investment opportunities in the people, businesses and communities that contribute to a sustainable food economy.

USDA Rural Development

Rural Development offers loans, grants and loan guarantees to support essential services and offers technical assistance and information to help agricultural producers and cooperatives get started and improve the effectiveness of their operations. The Rural Energy for America Program provides guaranteed loan financing and grant funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses to purchase or install renewable energy systems or make energy efficiency improvements

Vermont Agricultural Credit Corporation 

The Vermont Agricultural Credit Corporation (VACC), a program of Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA), is a nonprofit corporation that provides credit to Vermont farmers, agricultural facilities, forestry, and forest product-based businesses. VACC and VEDA work with these businesses on everything from startup to expansion to making energy efficiency improvements.

Vermont Community Loan Fund (VCLF)

VCLF is a community-focused alternative lender and also provides financial consulting and business development services:

  • Business Loan Program: VCLF works with businesses of all shapes, sizes and ages, ranging from start-up to mature, small farms to specialty foods, renewable energy to high-tech, manufacturers to service providers to retail.
  • Agritourism Loan Program: VCLF's Agritourism Loan Program is a revolving loan fund focused on supporting agricultural enterprises with low-cost capital for agritourism projects.
  • Food, Farms & Forests Fund: In 2015, VCLF launched this new, dedicated loan fund to consolidate, grow, and sustain the capital and supporting services that VCLF makes available to meet the needs of small farms, food producers, and the working landscape throughout Vermont. 
Vermont Farm Fund

The Vermont Farm Fund is a revolving loan program of The Center for an Agricultural Economy that, in partnership with Pete's Greens, provides no-hassle, friendly-term loans to Vermont farmers and food producers.

Walden Mutual Bank

Walden Mutual Bank is a new digital bank that provides deposit accounts for all while lending to local, sustainable food, farm, and community businesses across New England and New York. Walden offers customizable loans across the entire value chain from production farms, to middle infrastructure, to consumer trade brands. Walden's loans are offered across a broad spectrum, from real estate, land, equipment, and working capital. 

Windham County Economic Development Program (WCEDP)

The WCEDP promotes economic development in Windham County by providing funds to stimulate job creation through business start-up, expansion, or relocation. Additionally, the program encourages entrepreneurial activity, and the strengthening of economic development infrastructure to ensure a strong foundation for transformational economic activity.

Farm Credit East

Farm Credit East strives to make a positive difference serving the agricultural community by offering reliable, cost-effective services and assuring cooperative viability.

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