Seed Potato Certification

The Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets is authorized in statute to provide seed potato certification services to interested growers and producers in Vermont.  This program serves to certify that seed potato crops from Vermont are grown, harvested, stored, bagged, distributed and labeled according to a uniform high standard, consistent with guidelines accepted throughout the United States and Canada.  The primary goal of seed certification programs is to insure maintainence of long term availablity of disease-free planting stock for commercial and hobby potato growers.

In 2012, approximately 40 acres of seed potato fields were enrolled in Vermont, on two seperate farms.  

Certification of seed potatoes typically consists of registration with the Agency, a minimum of two growing season field inspections, harvest and storage facility inspection, winter testing, and package labeling according to lot, variety, grower/producer, and year.  

Growers intersted in enrolling in the seed potato certification program are encouraged to contact the Vermont Agency of Agriculture's Plant Industry section for details.

Seed Potato Certification Laws and Regulations

Vermont Seed Laws (6 V.S.A., Chapter 35)
Vermont Seed Potato Certification Regulations