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Hemp Program Rulemaking


The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets received approval of its Vermont Hemp Rules from the Legislative Committee on Legislative Rules, and subsequently filed its adopted rule on May 6, 2020.  Having completed the process, the rules become effective on May 21, 2020. 

Vermont Hemp Rules

The Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (AAFM), under 6 V.S.A. §566, must adopt rules establishing how the Agency will conduct research within its hemp program and the requirements for the registration of growers of hemp crops and processors of hemp and hemp-infused products. The Agency will use this webpage as a clearinghouse for information, including documents filed in the rulemaking process, and updates about the Agency's progress.

The AAFM submitted the proposed Vermont Hemp Rules to the Vermont Secretary of State's Office on May 17, 2019. The proposed rule filing number is 19P045 . The notice for the rules will appear in newspapers of record on May 30, 2019.  Thank you for your comments on the Vermont Hemp Rules. The comment period is now closed.

For more Information 

The  Administrative Procedures Act (APA), found in Title 3, chapter 25 of Vermont Statutes outlines the process the Agency must follow to adopt rules. The Act sets forth the requirements for filing proposed rules by state agencies and creates a process that maximizes the involvement of the public in the development of rules. Rules adopted under this process have the force and effect of law. You can find more information about the APA and the Secretary of State's role at the Secretary of State's webpage.