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Rabies Rules and Recommendations

In Vermont, owners are required to have their dogs, cats, ferrets and wolf hybrids vaccinated by their veterinarian against rabies in accordance with the vaccine manufacturer's recommendations, unless exempted by a veterinarian. In the context of a valid Veterinary-Client-Patient relationship, and for legitimate medically appropriate reasons, your veterinarian may exempt your dog or cat from the rabies vaccination requirement. Any questions you have about this prospect should be directed to your veterinarian.

Livestock animals, including horses, are not required by law to be vaccinated for rabies, although it is strongly recommended due to the high prevalence of rabies disease in Vermont's skunk, fox, raccoon, and bat populations and the potential exposure of livestock to these wildlife species. Although rabies vaccination products are available over the internet and through other sources, your livestock animal will be considered unvaccinated by public health officials if there is known exposure to a rabid wild animal and the livestock animal has been vaccinated by anyone other than a licensed veterinarian.

The full text of Vermont's rule on rabies control can be viewed through the following link:

Vaccination of Domestic Pets, Wolf Hybrids Against Rabies; Rabies Vaccination Clinics

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