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Vermont Regulation of Seed Distributors

September 29, 2023

*Image: Coneflower

Did you know that the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets (VAAFM)’s Seed Program has regulatory authority over seed sold within or into the state of Vermont per 6 V.S.A. Chapter 35, Seeds? This is a consumer protection program providing a basis for ensuring Vermont’s registered distributors and their products meet proper germination rates, purity standards and are free from weed seed as set forth in Vermont laws and the Vermont Seed Standards Rule, CVR 20-031-019.  Vermont Seed Standard rules address inspection fees, who is considered a seed distributors [“Distributor means a person who purchases, repackages and sells seeds”], label and annual reporting requirements for seed sold in Vermont including genetically engineered seed and treated seed [“Treated means that the seed has received an application of a substance or process which substance or process is designed to reduce, control or repel certain disease organisms, insects or other pests from attacking such seeds or seedlings growing therefrom”], and payment of tonnage fees.  

Seed distributors report and pay fees on an annual basis, and the reporting periods are from January 1, to December 31.  For more information, please review Seed_Program_FAQ_Final.pdf (, or contact