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On-Farm Renewable Energy

Farming-Friendly Solar

An exploration of sheep and solar installation grazing as seen on Across the Fence below. Interviews with VAAFM Renewable Energy Specialist Alex DePillis and UVM Extension Grazing Specialist Kim Hagen follows a close-up look at the Burlington solar grazing operation at Appletree Point.  See and learn more about this great opportunity to connect renewable energy projects with agricultural benefits:

Grazing sheep is the most popular way to farm the land in and around solar panels.  Grazing serves the solar site owner by keeping the vegetation in check and is a paid service, as mowing would be.  The shepherd will balance the flock’s needs with managing the vegetation, moving the sheep around the site and using portable fencing to guide sheep to specific areas of the site. 

Solar Grazing Checklist for Shepherds and Solar Site Managers 

More coming soon on other farm-energy technologies, funding, and business resources as well as climate change adaptation strategies and opportunities.

Images: Sheep grazing at Appletree Point solar installation in Burlington.