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Four Barns Receive Fresh Glow with Vermont Barn Painting Program in 2022

Pandemic creates backlog of applicants.  New applications accepted in Fall of 2023
By Scott Waterman, VT Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets and Tracy Verge, VT Department of Labor

Four Vermont barns received a new coat of paint this summer with the Vermont Barn Painting Program run by the Vermont Department of Labor and the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets.  Due to the pandemic, efforts to paint barns have been slowed and the program continues the work to move through its current list of applicants.  Applications are currently CLOSED to address this backlog of barns, but we anticipate the applications to reopen on September 1, 2023 for a period of one month, and close again on October 1, 2023.

Sunshine Valley Farm Pittsfield, VT

The Sunshine Valley farm in Pittsfield, VT is a working farm that grows lavender and other herbs. In May-June of 2022, a painting crew comprised of 7 Youth from ReSOURCE’s Burlington YouthBuild program and 2 youth from the Rutland area painted the Paulding’s barn and garage. With the generosity of the Paulding family, the crew also was fortunate to camp on the farm for the duration of the project. Thus, in addition to learning painting and job site safety skills, youth crew members were also able to gain valuable life skills such as cooking and communal living.

Barn Pittsfield  Barn Pittsfield

Paulding Farm, Rutland, VT

The Paulding farm in Rutland, VT (historically the Hawley Farm) is a working farm that raises beef cattle and grows hay and timber. In August 2022, a crew comprised of 2 Youth from ReSOURCE’s Burlington YouthBuild program and 2 youth from the Rutland area painted the Skwira barn. In addition, the crew hosted a volunteer day in which 7 AmeriCorps volunteers from ReSOURCE’s Everybody Works program helped to paint trim and doors at the end of the project.

Barn Rutland  Barn Rutland


Hardwick Center Farm, Hardwick, VT

A crew of 7 youth from the surrounding communities worked together to restore the beauty of this barn. The crew developed valuable skills that would make them more employable. They also enhanced their team building skills as they worked to complete the barn. 2 of the crew members returned to high school and 3 of the crew members went onto college

Barn Hardwick  Barn Hardwick

Hollister Hill Farm, Marshfield VT

2 of the Hardwick Center crew members continued onto the next barn at Hollister Hill Farm in Marshfield and are currently working to complete that project. This property is a bed and breakfast with structures dating back to 1820 continuing to support a working farm today.

Barn Marshfield  Barn Marshfield


For more information about the Vermont Barn Painting Program, please visit: or contact Scott Waterman at or 802-622-4662. 

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