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Winter Spreading Ban started December 15

The annual winter manure spreading ban began on Tuesday, December 15 and lastsuntil April 1. No manure may be spread on fields during this ban, or on frozen, snow-covered or saturated ground outside of this time period. This ban on spreading manure or other agricultural waste through the winter months is designed to protect water quality. Manure does not soak effectively into frozen, snow-covered or saturated ground. Manure spread during the winter months therefore has a heightened risk of running off to waterways when the snow and ground finally thaws.  

An emergency exemption issued by the Secretary of Agriculture for winter manure spreading during the ban or on frozen or snow-covered ground may be considered for emergency situations, such as structural failure of a waste storage facility. If you anticipate having an issue during the ban, please contact Nate Sands for assistance with planning winter manure management at (802) 224-6850.